Cherie Hearts @ Bedok Reservoir

About Us

*Cherie Hearts @ Bedok Reservoir is SPARK-certified

Cherie Hearts @ Bedok Reservoir is part of a premium child care group specialising in early childhood education and care. Our close proximity to Bedok Reservoir allows both indoor and outdoor learning, ensuring that all children are provided with opportunities to enjoy their learning experiences in classrooms and in the arms of Mother Nature.

We pride ourselves on equipping children with critical 21st century skills that essentially help them adapt to a rapidly changing globalised world where demographics and technological advancements drive the future. The five key components in the SPIRAL Literacies Model™ enable today’s children to problem-solve, create, analyse, collaborate, communicate, and account responsibly.

Cherie Hearts offers an excellent bilingual pre-school programme for children from 18 months to 6 years old. We have designed two curricula, namely Jump Start Years for Playgroup 1 and 2, and the Bridging Years Curriculum for Nursery, Kindergarten 1 and 2. Our Centre also offers a unique School Readiness Program to prepare our Kindergarten 2 children for Primary school. Under this programme, children will visit primary schools and are taught the process of buying food from the school canteen.

Our Centre offers a multi-cultural setting where values and traditions are incorporated into our curriculum. Activities such as National Day, Racial Harmony Day and the various traditional festivals are celebrated. In addition to classroom learning, we organise other activities to complement children’s learning. Activities include Water Play, Creativity Day, Year-End Concert, Christmas charity, picnic at the reservoir, football, monthly birthday celebrations, as well as cooking lessons.

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Meet Our Principal, Ms Noorasikin Salim

Ms Noorasikin Salim has been the Principal of Cherie Hearts @ Bedok Reservoir for the past 10 years. She holds a Diploma in Leadership, Diploma in Teacher, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Early Intervention – Special Needs. With more than 15 years of experience in the early childhood industry, she also had prior experience working as an early intervention teacher at a school for children with special needs. 

Having developed a close-knit community amongst parents and colleagues, Ms Sikin and her team of dedicated educators are always seeking new ideas and best practices to create and more positive and exciting learning environment for the children. It is still a new learning experience for Ms Sikin as she looks forward to collaborating with families and staff at the Centre everyday.

Our Multi-Literacies Approach

Civic-Social Literacy: Develops civic consciousness in children and teaches effective communication and social skills.




Digital Literacy: Promotes digital savviness and computational thinking for our children.




Financial Literacy: Helps children understand the financial concepts of Save, Spend & Share and how these relate to each other in significant ways.




Critical Literacy: Develops in children a critical questioning approach while honing their creativity and ability to analyse.





Environmental Literacy: Develops an awareness for the environment and healthy sense of respect for living and non-living things.



Here are just some words from our happy parents!

Ben enrolled in the Playgroup programme and has been at the Centre since Feb 2018. He enjoys going to school and has picked up important skills such as feeding himself, getting dressed, and using the proper handwashing technique. His social skills have also improved a lot where he no longer avoids interacting with other children. Thank you so much, Cherie Hearts! We are now looking forward to transferring Ben from the half-day to full-day programme.

– Sara Rolnar, mother of Benjamin Hou (Playgroup)


The team of educators at Cherie Hearts @ Bedok Reservoir has been instrumental in nurturing Claire’s development, especially in her English conversational skills. From the ClassDojo app, we can see how much Claire enjoys learning in class with the various experiential teaching methods. These include the touching of fruits, going to the bus stop to learn about our public transport system, and strolling at the park. Thank you for seeing and fulfilling the potential in Claire!

– Ryan Hoo & Alicia Lim, parents of Claire Hoo (Pre-Nursery)