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About Us

*Cherie Hearts DiscoveryLand is SPARK-certified

The Singapore Pre-School Accreditation Framework (SPARK) is a quality assurance framework that assists pre-schools in Singapore in raising their quality. SPARK aims to provide recognition and support for pre-school leaders in their efforts to improve teaching and learning, administration and management processes to enhance the holistic development and well-being of young children. It serves as a guide for pre-schools to understand what they should be striving to achieve, and provides a benchmark for pre-schools to measure themselves against, and establish for themselves the extent of their achievements.

Established in October 2010, Cherie Hearts DiscoveryLand believes that children are unique individuals who deserve to reach their potential. We pride ourselves on equipping children with critical 21st century skills that essentially help them adapt to a rapidly changing globalised world where demographics and technological advancements drive the future. The five key components in the SPIRAL Literacies Model™ enable today’s children to problem-solve, create, analyse, collaborate, communicate, and account responsibly. Through our holistic and engaging programmes, and in purposeful partnership with parents, our children are empowered to make decisions confidently and become independent life-long learners.

Cherie Hearts DiscoveryLand strives to inculcate strong moral values, compassion and community spirit in children.

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Our Branch Director

Branch Director Ms Jerlyn Tan has handpicked and nurtured a team of dedicated educators who is always eager to hear from parents and share their child’s progress with them. The Centre also regularly organises events that allows children to showcase their talent and build their confidence. At Cherie Hearts DiscoveryLand, parents are always encouraged to participate in the Centre’s events and play an active role in their child’s development.

Our Multi-Literacies Approach

Civic-Social Literacy:

Develops civic consciousness in children and teaches effective communication and social skills.



Digital Literacy:

Promotes digital savviness and computational thinking for our children.




Financial Literacy:

Helps children understand the financial concepts of Save, Spend & Share and how these relate to each other in significant ways.




Critical Literacy:

Develops in children a critical questioning approach while honing their creativity and ability to analyse.



Environmental Literacy:

Develops an awareness for the environment and healthy sense of respect for living and non-living things.


Here are just some words from our happy parents!

Aditya has been at Cherie Hearts DiscoveryLand for more than 4 years since he was 14 months old. Thanks to Ms Jerlyn and her outstanding team of teachers, the Centre is truly his home away from home. The love, care and commitment that the teachers provide have helped him become a well-adjusted, happy and empathic child. Aditya has not only developed academic and social skills, he has also learnt about emotions and feelings. The holistic education and teaching style that the school provides is commendable and perfect for developing young minds. We are forever grateful and extremely thankful to Ms Jerlyn and every single teacher who have touched Aditya and groomed him to be the bright child that he is today.

– Pradeep Narayanaswamy & Smita Sampath, parents of Aditya Pradeep (Kindergarten 1)


We are very happy with the progress and development of our daughter, Zoe. The Infant Care teachers are not only trained professionally, they also genuinely love and care for the toddlers. We were impressed by how the Centre responded in times of emergency (e.g. when the carpark gantry failed the last time). This has further affirmed our decision to enrol our girl at Cherie Hearts DiscoveryLand. Zoe loves going to school everyday and it is always a joy for us to see live updates via the app used by the Centre. Keep it up!

– Puah Chee Kiong & Gwyn Yang, parents of Zoe Pan (Infant Care)