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*Cherie Hearts Preschool & Early Development Centre is SPARK-certified

Established in 2007, Cherie Hearts Preschool & Early Development Centre (PEDC) believes that every aspect of a child’s development should be recognised, nurtured, and developed holistically. We pride ourselves on equipping children with critical 21st century skills that essentially help them adapt to a rapidly changing globalised world where demographics and technological advancements drive the future. The five key components in the SPIRAL Literacies Model™ enable today’s children to problem-solve, create, analyse, collaborate, communicate, and account responsibly. Our small group approach – one teacher to not more than five children at toddler level, enables our teachers to effectively facilitate our children’s learning and to equip them with self-help skills.

Niche Enrichment Programmes: Music & Performing Arts
Besides our core curriculum, we offer niche enrichment programmes in Music and Performing Arts to further unleash our children’s potential. At Cherie Hearts PEDC, our children have great fun learning music and art through a high quality programme that uses brain-based methodology involving multi-sensory experiences. Seimpi Music for the Intelligent Mind (MIM®) is a Ministry of Education-registered programme that equips our children with keyboard skills and builds their confidence to perform on stage. Officially accredited by the London College of Music Examinations (LCME) the MIM® program is the first pre-school music programme endorsed outside of the UK. Parents get to enjoy stage performances which the Centre puts up twice a year to celebrate the fruit of their children’s accomplishments!

Cherie Hearts PEDC has been purposefully built with age appropriate educational resources and state-of-the-art high quality equipment designed to enhance and enrich your child’s imagination and creativity. With a large learning space of more than 10,000 square feet and a sea view of the harbour overlooking Resorts World Sentosa, our spacious tranquil environment gives children freedom and confidence to learn and explore. We are blessed with a rich cultural setting as nearly half our enrolment hail from all around the world including Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom and other European countries. Cross-cultural exchanges and activities conducted in class provide precious opportunities for our children to appreciate different races, language and traditions which predispose our little ones to grow up graciously in a cosmopolitan climate like Singapore.

Healthy Eating & Lifestyle
We teach our children to prepare healthy meals like nutritious sandwiches through weekly cookery lessons. Fun science experiments, such as making invisible ink with orange juice, and frequent excursions outdoors to places like the Singapore Zoo, The Animal Resort and Science Centre, also excite their curiosity and grow inquiring minds. It is our aim to promote an active lifestyle among our children by exposing them to adventure and physical activities such as hiking and treasure hunts in our national parks.

Parents are assured that their children eat nutritiously in our Centre. Our healthy menus follow the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) healthy meal preparation guidelines. Our menu plan is reviewed by a nutritionist and assures parents that their children are served the right balance of nutrition in the various food groups every day!

Our children are fed HPB-recommended servings of vegetables and fruits daily, while our in-house trained cooks use less salt, oil and strictly no monosodium glutamate (MSG) when preparing meals. Cereals, which are nutritious and tasty, are an essential part of our breakfast diet. They provide our little ones with the energy to start their day actively!

Convenient Location
Situated next to HarbourFront MRT Station in southern Singapore, Cherie Hearts PEDC provides child care services, including Infant Care for busy parents working in the business and lifestyle hub close to HarbourFront Centre and VivoCity, as well as residences in Sentosa Cove, Keppel Bay and Telok Blangah. To cater to our parents’ needs, our Centre offers extended operating hours from 7 am to 8 pm on weekdays and 7 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

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