Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus (Pasir Ris)

About Us

Welcome to Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus.

We strongly believe that all children are unique individuals with great potential. The knowledge acquired from our daily activities at the Centre will prepare your child in their learning journeys in life. As per our philosophy and goals, we aim to cultivate the love for learning in our children.

At Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus, our educators ensure the provision of a safe and loving environment for our children. We take pride in ensuring that our staff are professionally trained in the respective fields and conduct both internal and external training sessions to equip ourselves with current changes. We are passionate and dedicated in bringing out the best in our children. Taking pride in our children, works by them and pictures of their exciting learning journeys are displayed in the respective classrooms.

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Our Educators

Our trained and dedicated team of educators are qualified in Early Childhood, so you can be assured that your child receives outstanding care during the crucial stages of his/her development. We aim to build the skill sets required for lifelong learning through making learning fun and enjoyable. Through this approach we adopt when nurturing your child, we hope to instill a love for learning, laying the foundations for independent study to stand your child in good stead for his/her bright future ahead. 

Our Multi-Literacies Approach

Civic-Social Literacy:

Develops civic consciousness in children and teaches effective communication and social skills.




Digital Literacy:

Promotes digital savviness and computational thinking for our children.




Financial Literacy:

Helps children understand the financial concepts of Save, Spend & Share and how these relate to each other in significant ways.




Critical Literacy:

Develops in children a critical questioning approach while honing their creativity and ability to analyse.





Environmental Literacy:

Develops an awareness for the environment and healthy sense of respect for living and non-living things.