Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play (Thomson)

About Us

*Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play is SPARK-certified

At Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play, we believe in providing our children with a safe and conducive environment for them to learn and play so parents can put their minds at ease while at work.

Our Centre prides ourselves on equipping children with critical 21st century skills that essentially help them adapt to a rapidly changing globalised world where demographics and technological advancements drive the future. The five key components in the SPIRAL Literacies Model™ enable today’s children to problem-solve, create, analyse, collaborate, communicate, and account responsibly.

To ensure that our children receive sufficient attention from our teachers, we offer small class sizes to maintain a low teacher-to-child ratio.

Acknowledging the importance of outdoor play, we are equipped with two gardens and a large backyard, offering ample space for outdoor activities like sand play, water play, and the riding of buggy cars. Such activities allow for social interaction as well as encourage the development of gross motor skills. Our children love the outdoor climb cum swing set, which provides endless fun and adventure for all ages!

Besides our in-house facilities, our Centre is set in the peaceful vicinity of MacRitchie Reservoir. Children are brought on nature walks where they get to explore and discover their surrounding environment.

As a preschool which prepares our children for primary school, we offer an excellent bilingual pre-school programme in English and Mandarin for children from 18 months to 6 years old. Our teachers are well-trained to carry out our unique curriculum, engaging our children in play-based learning through songs, stories and hands-on activities. We also encourage our children to embark on group projects, where they work on the creation of displays based on a topic.

We also offer Infant Care services for infants aged 2 to 18 months. Our Infant Care teachers are well qualified, holding Certificates in Infant & Toddler Care, and are trained in first-aid. We assure you that your baby is in the good hands of our caring teachers.

Nutritious set meals are provided to ensure that each child consumes sufficient nutrition during his/her growing years. Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play has also fulfilled the Health Promotion Board’s food service guidelines and is accredited with the Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme.

Do visit our Centre for us to better understand your needs as we work hand-in-hand in nurturing your child.

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Our Educators

Our trained and dedicated team of educators are qualified in Early Childhood, Infant & Toddler Care. You can be assured that your child receives outstanding care during the crucial stages of his/her development. We aim to build the skill sets required for lifelong learning through making learning fun and enjoyable. Through this approach we adopt when nurturing your child, we hope to instill a love for learning, laying the foundations for independent study to stand your child in good stead for his/her bright future ahead. 

Our Multi-Literacies Approach

Civic-Social Literacy 

Develops civic consciousness in children and teaches effective communication and social skills.



Digital Literacy 

Promotes digital savviness and computational thinking for our children.




Financial Literacy 

Helps children understand the financial concepts of Save, Spend & Share and how these relate to each other in significant ways.



Critical Literacy 

Develops in children a critical questioning approach while honing their creativity and ability to analyse.



Environmental Literacy 

Develops an awareness for the environment and healthy sense of respect for living and non-living things.

Here are just some words from our happy parents!

“Sarah really enjoys going to infant care and is always excited to come back on Mondays. The teachers are experienced and genuinely care about her. There is a good range of activities and she is encouraged to reach milestones ahead of time.”

– Ms Faith Leung

“Celeste gets to interact and meet new friends, receives specialised infant care and attention while my wife and I are at work. We love the Centre’s environment and proximity to our home. The teachers are most important in this setup, and assure us as parents to confidently place Celeste in their watchful hands.”

– Mr Richmond Tung

“Karthiga is very happy learning from this curriculum and looks forward to going to school. The teachers are very friendly and I am assured that my daughter is well taken care of. I see improvements in the way Karthiga speaks and does things independently. I believe this is from doing the PG1 activities in the Centre every day. Both my husband and I are very pleased with our daughter’s development.”

– Ms Kalaiyarasi

“My daughter loves going to school so much that she even wants to go during the weekends. She is always mentioning her friends and teachers and what they do at school. Her social skills have improved greatly since she started going to Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play. We enjoy seeing her develop! The centre is in a nice neighbourhood surrounded by nature. The class size is not too big so each child gets plenty of attention.”

– Ms Mamiko Okada

“With its distinct characteristics, this Centre is a great place for my 3 kids! The teachers have done a great job educating and taking care of Isaac and his siblings. Thank you to all the staff at Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play!”

– Ms Serena Tai

“Clare is happy interacting with her teachers and friends, playing and benefitting from the environment, curriculum and many activities at the Centre. I appreciate the teachers’ commitment and dedication to the children, and being very open to talk with parents. Time spent with my child is enhanced as she applies what she learns in school at home.”

– Ms Yvette Lim