Nursery Curriculum

kid participating in nursery activity

The Bridging Years: age 4 – 5

The Bridging Years curriculum for our older children revolve around the introduction of more complex, new and varied experiences in the following domains of Language & Literacy, Mathematical Thinking, Environmental Awareness and Aesthetic & Creative Expression, as well as Motor Development and Self & Social Awareness.

As your child grows with us, so does our curriculum. Here is a sampling of our curriculum in two domains:

Language & Literacy

To facilitate their learning and development in the area of language and literacy for better communication with their peers and at home, our educators will guide the children on fun and engaging activities such as following instructions (up to 3 steps), listening and interacting during storytelling sessions, and speaking in sentences clearly. Our children will also learn how to recite nursery rhymes and recognise letters in words. They will also learn how to write their own names.

Mathematical Thinking

Our curriculum for mathematical thinking keeps children interested through interactive and enriching activities targeted at learning fundamental mathematical concepts such as sorting, identifying patterns, plotting simple graphs, spatial awareness and counting 1-5. Our mathematics curriculum is evenly distributed across four terms in a year, allowing our children to be paced at manageable speeds.

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