Preschool Curriculum

Preschool kids holding  hands

Developed and reviewed regularly by a team of early childhood specialists, the Cherie Hearts curriculum gives children autonomy to inquire holistically while growing and learning with us in their preschool years.

Conducive Learning Environment

A child’s learning happens at many levels. In learning to think and thinking to learn, children acquire skills, knowledge, and abilities. They begin to understand about emotions, friendships and working in groups. Learning occurs when a child is meaningfully engaged while investigating something interesting, or when searching for answers and solutions to questions and problems encountered. This is the crucial learning approach adopted by Cherie Hearts.

Our curriculum determines that our environments not only facilitate but enhance learning. Our children appreciate their immediate environment because our Centres are thoughtfully-outfitted, conducive and inspiring. As early childhood specialists providing reliable care, we value the importance of maintaining safe, stable and healthy environments for our children at all times. Regular audits ensure that Cherie Hearts Centres maintain exemplary standards.

Bilingual Curriculum

Children growing up in multi-cultural, cosmopolitan Singapore are exposed to different languages and are therefore encouraged to learn more than their mother tongue when socialising in their communities. Cherie Hearts supports the learning of dual languages through our developmentally-appropriate English-Chinese programme – aligned with MOE’s primary school curriculum.

The success of our bilingual approach stems from a professional team of specially-trained dedicated staff who inspire our children to embrace Chinese literature and culture through positively joyful experiences. Cherie Hearts Chinese programme educators focus on building strong interest in the language by first engaging our children in a variety of fun and interactive activities. Focusing on developing our children’s peer interaction in positive ways boosts their confidence to converse in Mandarin. This lays the foundation for them to develop other essential Chinese language skills such as penmanship, comprehension, analysis and interpretation through listening, reading and writing.   

The Child Approach

Holistic growth of a child is what the Cherie Hearts’ five-fold PIESL approach aims to develop: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, and Language development; with focus on aesthetic and creative expression, social and emotional development, language and literacy, numeracy, motor skills development, and discovery of the world.

Lessons are carefully planned with the individual child’s progress in mind. Our programmes begin for infants at 2 months old, and advance all the way to kindergarten. A progressive-approach facilitates continuous learning as each lesson is built upon the previous one. Cherie Hearts educators are trained to ensure high standards and optimum delivery of the curriculum in every lesson.

Real life, Real themes

Our curriculum revolves around real-life situations that children can relate to, such as understanding the world with their senses, and for the older children – primary school readiness. Value-added learning that engages our children throughout the day enhance our core curriculum. These involve our Reading Programme, Letterland phonics, and enrichment activities such as dance, art, speech & drama, to name a few.  

FUN Start, MOVE Smart

“FUN Start, MOVE Smart” is a ground-breaking motor-skills development programme developed by the Singapore Sports Council that aims to instill in children life-long “physical literacy”. In adopting this initiative, our children not only get to physically exercise, but also learn specific movement skills such as throwing, jumping, dribbling and running that will predispose them to embrace specific sports disciplines in future. We recognise that developing our children’s fine and gross motor skills is just as crucial as teaching them cognitive skills, emotional resilience and social empathy.  

Parents as Partners

At Cherie Hearts, we work closely with parents as partners in providing a holistic education for our children. Regular communication and feedback work both ways to enhance mutual understanding of our children’s needs. Parents can also check on their children’s progress through regular activities such as Parent Conferences, and by reviewing documented portfolios that showcase and evaluate their children’s work.

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