About Us


Cherie Hearts is a leading care and education provider with centres located island wide.

We believe that children are unique individuals who deserve to reach their potential. Our purposeful multi-literacies curriculum approach enhances children’s holistic growth and allows them to experience personal success and develop a joy for learning.

With specialist care and expertise, and in purposeful partnership with parents, our carefully selected and trained staff seek to nurture and educate your child with a comprehensive foundation in early childhood development, equipping them with critical 21st century skills which in turn contribute towards joy for lifelong learning.



In providing quality care and education,
we have been recognised with the following awards.

In providing quality care and education, we have been recognised with the following awards.


The Healthy Eating in Childcare Centres Award is presented by the Health Promotion Board, Ministry of Health, to childcare centres for providing healthier food and promoting healthy eating habits among pre-schoolers.


The Singapore Promising Franchisor Award is presented by the Franchise & Licensing Association (FLA) of Singapore to promising franchisors that have a systematic and promising franchising track record.


Awarded by the Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy, the Work-Life Excellence Award recognises employers who:

  • Appreciate the business value in responding to employees ‘Work-Life needs
  • Ensure that their senior management, supervisors and employees have a long-term commitment to  the organisation’s Work-Life strategy, and implement these strategies effectively at the work place

The Singapore Prestige Brand Award is presented by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) to organisations that have established a good brand in Singapore.

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