Cherie Hearts @ Mountbatten

About US

Established in 2005, Cherie Hearts Preschool believes that children are unique individuals who deserve to reach their potential. We pride ourselves on equipping children with critical 21st century skills that essentially help them adapt to a rapidly changing globalised world where demographics and technological advancements drive the future. The five key components in the SPIRAL Literacies Model™ enable today’s children to problem-solve, create, analyse, collaborate, communicate, and account responsibly. Through our holistic and engaging programmes, and in purposeful partnership with parents, our children are empowered to make decisions confidently and become independent life-long learners.

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Our Educators

Our trained and dedicated team of educators are qualified in Early Childhood, Infant & Toddler Care. You can be assured that your child receives outstanding care during the crucial stages of his/her development. We aim to build the skill sets required for lifelong learning through making learning fun and enjoyable. Through this approach we adopt when nurturing your child, we hope to instill a love for learning, laying the foundations for independent study to stand your child in good stead for his/her bright future ahead. 

Our Multi-Literacies Approach

Civic-Social Literacy 

Develops civic consciousness in children and teaches effective communication and social skills.



Digital Literacy 

Promotes digital savviness and computational thinking for our children.




Financial Literacy 

Helps children understand the financial concepts of Save, Spend & Share and how these relate to each other in significant ways.



Critical Literacy 

Develops in children a critical questioning approach while honing their creativity and ability to analyse.



Environmental Literacy 

Develops an awareness for the environment and healthy sense of respect for living and non-living things.

Here are just some words from our happy parents!

We are truly blessed to have our son attending Cherie Hearts Mountbatten. The caring and supportive staff helped Kai settle into playgroup routines. They take time to share feedbacks and stories about his experience each day, and address any issues that need attention. It gives us comfort and confidence that our son is well taken care of. In three months now that he’s been attending, we can see social and interpersonal relationships and communication skills develop. He is now very excited to come to preschool every day. I thank the dedicated principal and teachers for the caring and nurturing environment they have been providing for our son. 

– Kristine, mother of Kai

We would like to thank your team of educators. Specially I would like to compliment Teacher Mel. She has been taking care of Jacob since last year. Teacher Mel has been providing us a very frequent and comprehensive updates , which really helps us better understand my child’s needs both physically and emotionally. Initially ,we were quite worried about Jacob’s ability to write, as he wasn’t able to grip the pencil properly, his writing were very light. Teacher Mel observed this issue , with her patient guidance throughout the year, Jacob is able to write firmly and develop great interest in writing numbers and letters. Jacob is shy and has difficulties opening up himself, thus he does not express what he wants to Teachers. Teacher Mel has noticed this and has been giving extra effort to build up Jacob’s confidence level. Now Jacob speaks more fluently with good number of vocabularies. Overall we are happy with Jacob’s development. And impressed with the level of professionalism in your team of educators. Thank you for your great work! Kudos !! 

– Logan Ting and Jade Wang, parents of Jacob Ting Ding Hao