Cherie Hearts @ Charlton (Kovan)

*Cherie Hearts @ Charlton is SPARK-certified

Established in 2003, Cherie Hearts @ Charlton sees each child as a unique individual, with the potential to be his/ her best given the opportunity to explore and the freedom to express himself/ herself. We offer a conducive and positive environment which encourages children to develop confidence and independence in their growing years.

Our teachers are Early Childhood trained. Our Director, Ms Brands Ng, a mother of two, is able to understand the many concerns faced by parents.  She is a dedicated educator as well as Child Care provider with many years of working experience in the Early Childhood industry. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with you to provide the best for your little ones!

We offer a range of services catering to the varying needs of parents and children:

Playgroup         : 18 months – 3 years
Nursery             : 4 years
Kindergarten     : 4 – 6 years

Come join us at Cherie Hearts @ Charlton!

School Fees

$1230 $1450

The above fees exclude GST.

Our Educators


Branch Director Ms Brands Ng is a dedicated educator and childcare provider and has more than a decade of experience in the early childhood industry. She is also a mother of 2; hence she fully understands what parenting is like and the needs and wants of families.


Principal Ms Kartini has been with the Centre since 2008 and has 12 years of working experience in the industry. She holds a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College. Besides having the passion to nurture children with tender loving care, Ms Kartini also enjoys leading her team of educators in delivering high-quality programmes to children.


Established in November 2003, the team of educators at Cherie Hearts @ Charlton sees each child as a unique individual who deserves to reach his/her potential. The Centre offers a conducive and positive environment, which encourages children to grow and become confident and independent young learners. Ms Ng and her team believe in maintaining a strong partnership with parents and community partners to achieve the Centre’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values in order to support children’s holistic development. All educators are trained in early childhood care and education. With the Centre’s low staff turnover rate, the team looks forward to working hand-in-hand with parents to help them raise up pre-schoolers to be Active Learners and Caring Citizens!

Here are just some words from our happy parents!

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton has been a fantastic experience for us and Jaden. The staff are hardworking and dedicated. He is now more confident when speaking in Mandarin and when reading and writing Chinese materials. The staff strive for excellence in the children’s academic areas, and are also excellent in caring for Jaden. We are assured that he is in good hands at Cherie Hearts @ Charlton.

– Ivy and Mathew Sim

Ms Ng and her team had been very understanding and accommodating while we were dealing with Jake’s inadaptability at the Centre.  Recognizing our anxieties, they would update us regularly on Jake’s progress while we were at work through sending us photos of his activities at the Centre. After 4 months, Jake is now accustomed to the Centre and looks forward to going to school. Special thanks to Ms Ng and her team who have contributed to Jake’s miraculous and quick adjustment.

– Kat and Ben Tan

The Centre has given our boys a positive learning environment. Apart from being able to do many of their daily routines independently, the boys are showing great developments in their learning milestones. Javier’s articulation and ability to express himself have improved. He now communicates with us in full sentences. Within a month upon enrolment, he could dress and undress himself, eat by himself, and would get upset if we offered help. With so much warmth and laughter, the Centre is like a family. We would like to thank Ms Brands and team for providing us with updates of him almost daily. Thank you!

– Tzyy Chinn & Kian Song

We were introduced to Cherie Hearts @ Charlton by our neighbour whose children are enrolled at the Centre and are among the best behaved, compassionate and caring kids in our estate. The Centre is very spacious, with lots of natural ventilation and outdoor activity areas. Ms. Brands Ng and the Centre staff are passionate about children. In addition to boosting Rachel’s language and motor skills, she has also learnt to eat and visit the toilet independently. WE LOVE CHERIE HEARTS.

– Caroline & Ryan Ong

Thank you all teachers for putting in the extra effort for Chandelle. Her Chinese has shown significant improvement from the reading programme. She looks forward to meeting her friends and teachers every day. Communication between the Centre and us is commendable. We have only praises for the Centre. Well done and kudos to all the teachers! I highly recommend Cherie Hearts Charlton to my friends.

– Phoebe & Daniel Mok

Centre Details

Cherie Hearts @ Charlton (Kovan)
19F Charlton Lane
Singapore 539643

New enrolments: 6382 1369

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 

Services Available:
Childcare (Full Day & Half Day)

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