How to develop your child physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially?

One thing we have observed at Cherie Hearts is how quickly and easily children pick up new skills and information from their surrounding environment!

The preschool years are an excellent age to help your child become physically fit, intellectually capable, emotionally resilient and socially well adjusted. Much of this can be done when bonding with your children at home, but when work commitments kick in, time with them becomes sparse. Relying on childcare centres to stand in the gap can provide much needed assurance. A resourceful centre is like a second home that provides proper care for your children and promotes their early development.  

Here are ways how a childcare centre can develop your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth.


The need for physical development starts shortly after a child’s birth. During the first year, activities are introduced to encourage movement, reaction to sound, psychomotor skills like holding their heads up, crawling well, then walking steadily. These activities are conducted by regular and attentive caregivers who are familiar with the needs of the individual babies they care for. Safety is paramount and cannot be compromised. Mobile toddlers should have plenty of room to exercise, and regularly scheduled play times to engage them in fun games with their cohort. A well-structured playground with fun yet safe equipment will challenge pre-schoolers to strengthen core muscles and enhance co-ordination.


Learning takes place through play the younger the child is. Well trained caregivers know which toys and games are chronologically appropriate for each child, ensuring they remain intellectually stimulated. Curiosity is also developed through animated storytelling, allowing your child to sharpen his/her listening skills and attention span. A well planned curriculum also delivers a diverse range of subjects that introduce to your young child new knowledge about the world, enriching his/her experience and appreciation of life.  


Trained educarers and educators alike develop an emotional connection with their charges through a series of games, activities and lessons. They empathise with children during upsetting moments and help them recover emotional balance and build resilience. Activities including role play allow your child freedom of expression and indirectly help resolve problems, thus contributing greatly to a child’s emotional development.


As soon as a child ventures beyond infancy, he begins to meet with new company. A childcare setting is an ideal environment for him to interact with and make new friends. Exercises and activities like playtime and even math lessons help children bond and socialise better. A friendly conducive environment provides toddlers and pre-schoolers tremendous help in encouraging positive social behaviour.

Cherie Hearts’ reputable childcare services provide families with reliable assurance. To find out more about our childcare services, contact us here.

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