7 Reasons Your Child Needs Preschool Education in Singapore

Choosing a quality preschool is one sure way to provide your child a head start in life. Early education opens up the world for a young child.

To allay concerns that children should not be stressed at a very young age, readers will be pleased to know that the Cherie Hearts philosophy is one where learning takes place in fun memorable ways, where children experience personal success and develop a joy for learning through quality attested curriculum.

To help new and expectant parents understand the benefits of preschool education, we list seven advantages:

  1. Preschool education establishes long-lasting roots for good behaviour, attitude and even health. Given that 90% of a child’s brain is already developed by age 3 it is never too early to begin.
  2. In an enriching and stimulating environment, early education promotes confidence and competence in pre-schoolers who learn basic life skills including how to speak better which gets them what they want faster.
  3. Usually the first place to go alone without mummy or daddy, a preschool allows little ones to meet friends and socialise, which in turn builds their emotional and social confidence.
  4. When interacting with other children in a preschool setting, your child learns to relate appropriately and is groomed to communicate more effectively.
  5. Busy working parents can be assured that a quality preschool ensures productive use of your child’s time in the company of professionally trained, nurturing educators.
  6. Preschool education that is centred on the individual child provides a child-focussed approach to teaching where teachers get to know their charges well enough to cater the programme to his/her individual needs. This allows your child to learn at his/ her own pace while meeting developmental milestones.
  7. Qualified dedicated early educators also document children’s progress and share these with parents regularly. A good preschool provides what most parents want, which is experience and proven results in developing their child holistically in mind, social and emotional wellbeing, physical growth, and aesthetic appreciation.

At Cherie Hearts, our curriculum gives children autonomy through a uniquely designed approach that ensures holistic learning. Knowledge, skills, abilities, dispositions and feelings are areas of focus. These intellectual dispositions help children learn to think and think to learn. Such dispositions can be observed when children under watchful supervision engage meaningfully in the investigation of things around them, to seek answers to their questions and solutions to problems encountered.

Parents looking for a trusted choice in early childcare and education can explore our enriching programmes. To find out more, please contact us here.

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